"...we are teammates for life! Keep being you! Your energy is contagious!"
 Elena Delle Donne
WNBA | Mystics



  1. continue in a course of action even in the face of difficulty or with little or no prospect of success.

I persist until I succeed. No matter the difficulty, I choose to always push forward. I set goals and am relentless in pursuit of them. My life has not been the easiest but I will never use that as an excuse, I believe that hard times breed success and everybody is not cut out for it,
but...I'm a different breed.
- Cheyenne Parker

About CHY

The journey of a phenomenal woman! Coming from a single parent home Cheyenne was faced with many obstacles and succumbed to bad decision making during her upbringing; despite this she was able to remain focused on her goals and work hard to become a 1st round draft pick for the Chicago Sky. However Cheyenne did not stop there! In her off season Cheyenne can be found playing for the Elephants in Henan, China where she leads the team with (an average) of 28pts and 16 rebounds (per game) all the while securing a spot on the all-star team! Her hard work, dedication, and passion for the life are evident in everything she does. In addition to being a professional basketball player Cheyenne models and mentors youth all the while maintaining a huge smile and upbeat attitude. Cheyenne strives to inspire, motivate, and empower others to take their lives to the next level on and off the court!

Cheyenne Parker

I've worked hard for everything I have & I don't claim to be the best...but I know one thing, it's not easy to outwork a person that just will not give up.
.....and I just will not give up.